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Wrongful Termination

Robb Bigelow is an experienced Nashville wrongful termination lawyer who fights for the rights of employees. After graduating from Vanderbilt Law School and working for a federal judge for three years, Robb has over a decade of experience representing employees throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee in wrongful termination cases.

Have you been fired from your job because of your race, age, gender, disability, national origin, or religion? Maybe you were told that you needed to start looking for another job when they found out that you were pregnant or when you gave birth to your child? Or maybe your termination was a result of your employer retaliating against you because you stepped forward and complained about something illegal that was happening at work? If any of these things happened to you, you should look for an experienced wrongful termination lawyer.

Being fired can be one of the most devastating things that can happen to someone. Losing a job is often described as one of the most stressful times in ones life. You worked hard and did everything you are asked to do at work---and did it well. Often, you go above and beyond what is asked of you---coming early, working late, doing the extra things.

You (like 99% of Americans) really, really need the income. Then you get fired and ask yourself the following question: Why? Why was I fired? The most difficult answer is not because you did something wrong, but because your employer acted against the law. Have an experienced Nashville wrongful termination attorney help you and fight for your rights.

“Employment at Will”

Tennessee is an “employment at will” state. However, many people do not understand that even in an “employment at will” state like Tennessee it is illegal for your employer to discriminate or retaliate against you. There are a number of reasons why it is illegal for your employer to terminate you. It is true that you can quit your job whenever and for whatever reason you want to. Similarly, your employer can fire you, demoted you, or alter the terms of your employment for whatever LEGAL reason they want to. One major exception, however, is that they cannot discriminate against you.

Usually with the help of their own wrongful termination lawyer (sometimes an “in-house” lawyer and sometimes an outside wrongful termination lawyer), employers will give people a reason for their termination, which may or may not be true. Sometimes they are terminated for legitimate reasons such as being late to work or not doing quality work. When this happens, there are often warning signs---write-ups, counseling, verbal warnings. Sometimes there is a legitimate reduction in the workforce due to financial reasons of a struggling company.

Yet sometimes they will not give any sort of reason----simply “You’re fired.” Either way, being fired is extremely frustrating, especially if you feel like you didn’t deserve to be fired or if you know that you were fired for discriminatory reasons such as age, sex, race, national origin or disability.

In nearly every case I have been involved in, a company will initially give a supposed reason for a termination. Most times the company and their Nashville wrongful termination attorneys will claim that it was the fault of the employee and that he or she did something wrong. When you sit down with a wrongful termination attorney who represents workers, the company’s alleged reason for termination often falls apart. As a Nashville wrongful termination lawyer, I often see employees throughout Middle Tennessee being terminated for reasons that have nothing to do with their job performance or any sort of legitimate company downsizing. Instead, sadly, they are being terminated for reasons that are illegal, such as gender, age, race, disability, national origin or religious affiliation.

As in all employment cases, the number one rule is: DON’T WAIT!! Time Matters in a Wrongful Termination case so call Bigelow Legal and let Robb help you. Under the law you only have a relatively small amount of time to act once you have been wrongfully terminated. It is important to call a Nashville wrongful termination lawyer as soon as possible, as not doing so may waive your rights to have any legal recourse. Too many people wait and then lose their rights because time has expired. Do not wait. Call a Nashville wrongful termination attorney. Call Bigelow Legal and let Robb help you.